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What Color Shoes Can I Wear?


The dress code for Dîner en Blanc – Hampton Roads has only three simple rules: chic, white, and elegant. As shoes can become statement pieces for all-white ensembles, it is understandable that guests will want to know how far they can push the code. Dîner en Blanc guests are not allowed to wear dark-colored shoes. While white shoes are recommended, and metallic (gold & silver), nude, cream, and off-white shoes are also acceptable.

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Suzanne D.
2 year ago
The above does not specify men or women, so it implies that neutral/off-white/metallic shoes are acceptable for both. Also, there are men's shoes depicted in the photo above in non-white colors.

However, a post on our Members Wall specifically in response to someone's question about MEN'S shoewear states that mens shoes MUST BE white, while women (only) have the other option.

Could you please provide a definitive answer on this? Thanks!
Emmanuell G.
2 year ago
white chuck taylors
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